Aren’t we all searching to the meaning of our lives some moment in life? Don’t we all look around us to find love, peace of mind or that sense of freedom? And think by ourselves: how the hell are we ever going to achieve that? Haven’t we all been swallowed up without being aware of it after a big event that happens in our lives that makes us question the meaning of this life? We get lost in our memories and dreams, where we forget that the now is all that matters. Isn’t it so that most of the people are daydreaming and timetravelling’ to the past and future that, everything was ‘better’. Better than the now?

That one moment that is called now and is now, is all that you ever have, ever had and will have. It is always now. There is no past, there is no future, there is only what you make of it NOW. If the moment is now, everything that you have had in the past, now have and will have in the future, isn’t it extremely important AND necessary that you enjoy that one moment that you have, right now, with your full 100% attention? If you give that moment your full focus and feel with all your senses, isn’t it so that you can simultaneously make the moment now (your future past) even more beautiful and look forward to your future more hopefully and positively? Purely because you yourself, in this moment, look with a happier face towards life?

If you want to make a change somewhere in your life, want to have a positive impact on your life, it starts with what you think and do right now.

If you want to find peace and want to be happy, it is important and even necessary that you take responsibility for the moments that you have with yourself and with others. When you are 100% present in the now, 100% available in every moment there is; if you play sports, if you learn, if you walk, drive in the car with other people, wait for the bus, then you have zero problems. You can not have a problem if you live in the moment, if you focus on everything that happens here and now. You have problems as soon as you wander in the past or in the future, but if we are 100% there where we are, when we are there, you can not have problems. Problems are something we make in our heads, something we most of the time experience as negative. So I want to change your perspective. What if you changed the story about ‘problems’ in your head to a more meaningful story? Instead of seeing a problem as a problem, see it as something that allows you to grow, allowing you to learn something or make you stronger no matter how bad or annoying it may feel. Think of it as an opportunity that will take you one step further instead of seeing the problem as something negative that will cause you, for example, stress.

All you have now and what you do now determines where your life goes and what you get out of it. As long as you experience stress or pressure and you have no room left for your true feelings because you live in the past or the future and in your head, you can not make the changes that you really want deep inside and that really make you happy / give you peace of mind.

Only when you create space in your head by getting your attention literally in the present, by training your brain every day, you make room for the things that give you energy and that make you happy.

Remember: YOU ARE ALWAYS IN CONTROL. You can choose every moment to do it differently, to deal with it differently. By looking differently or reacting differently. You are the leader, the captain of your own ship. You can even survive extreme events if you know how to focus and know how to get the right lessons from extremity to continue. A man named Viktor E. Frankl was imprisoned in a concentration camp at Auschwitz during the Second World War and managed to survive under the most bizarre conditions because he managed to find an opinion in his life while he was imprisoned: helping the other prisoners and find meaning in his life even when he was eye in eye with the coming of death. If he can change his focus in such bitter times, if he is thin and face to face with death, then why do we struggle with so many burnouts and depressions?

You determine, you choose, every moment, every day, always. Are you living in the past or the future? Or do you now, this moment, today, what is needed to enjoy NOW and create a better future for yourself?

The now is where the magic happens. ❤️



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