I always thought that I was trapped in my future up to the edges of my resume. The education I had followed would make my future. The more I had achieved in education skills and knowledge and how I was as a student the bigger my career would look like according to social terms. Nothing has ever felt more depressed and stuck as this vision of my future. Knowing what the next five or maybe ten years of my life would look like is the most saddest thing I have ever experienced and at the same time the greatest driving force behind all my actions: the fear of disappearing from this globe without having done everything I really dream of.


I lived a life that I had to ‘enjoy’, but how can I enjoy myself when there is only room to play within the fences of a box? Back in that time I had a fulltime education and a job and it was my lifestyle to live on the weekends because I finally would be free. Why did I call that a life? Why should I do a job at all that I think of as ‘okay’ if it takes at least five days a week of my life and starts sucking in the future for the rest of my life? Do you know how many hours this is on a lifetime that is lost? If we work 40 hours, starting at our age of 20 and we work until 65 years old, then that’s a total of 86400 hours that go to WORK! Holy fuck! Do you know how many days that are? 3600 days, rounded 10 YEARS GONE FOR WORK. Let me say this again: 10 YEARS ON A DAILY BASE WILL BE GONE FOR WORK. Is there a bell ringing in your head right now?

If working absorbs such a large part of your life, is it not the most important thing that you choose something that gives you energy and what you see as play in the form of work, rather than just as work? Something you can express your heart with? Instead of doing it for someone else or for the money? ‘But working is not always fun and nice, you have to do something for your money’ are examples of quotes that are often thrown when I let my opinion run free. I certainly agree with the opinion that money is needed. Money is beautiful. With money you can develop yourself, you can buy courses, invest in yourself or take on a coach or trainer to take you to the next level. You name it! There are many benefits. You can even save it in order to set up your own company or travel to the other side of the world. But do we do that too? Do we also consciously choose where we invest our money? There is indeed a way out of this vicious circle of just 9 – 5 work, no matter in which phase of your life you are. When you really want to, there is always a way to something more beautiful, something bigger if that is where your hearts lays.

I get it. It is rather blurry where you want to go with your future and you may not know what exactly you like and where you should start. Not even talking about all those other people who come to see when you try something new. You need courage to do your own thing, to realize that you can be yourself and that you do not have to be ashamed of being different or thinking differently. It takes courage to ensure that it does not affect your self-confidence or self-worth if people criticize you. You have to be strong in your shoes for that. As a result, many people live in a box, within a certain standard, because we do not like to tackle things differently or think and act in a different way. Why? For all sorts of reasons: because we might talk ourselves out of the air, we are afraid, we are lazy, because we do not know if we can ‘do it’, because we do not believe in ourselves, or because others do not believe in us. Enough excuses can be thrown.

Now the only question to you is: do you allow this? Do you let the world around you or in from yourself influence your dreams? Influence your ideals? Can they talk your ideas, plans or self-confidence down? Do you let others have power over you? Do you talk yourself down? Or are you an action taker? Someone who follows his dreams and does not let himself be stopped by nothing or nobody? If so, keep going!!!

You’ve probably experienced that you have a new idea, a new skill you want to learn or a new challenge where you want to put yourself to the test and when you present this you feel totally unsupported and you’re not getting what you expected to get from them. You leave the person and feel doubtful about your choice and whether you do the right thing. You may feel insecurity or shame, while you were so sure beforehand. You seek confirmation, a go from other people to do and are what we want to do and be.

What we often do not know is that people who think realistically and who see bears everywhere on the road are often the people who do not dare to pursue their own dreams. Who do not want other people to do things with more success than themselves because then their own insecurity comes to the surface. They feel uncomfortable when they are around you because you do take action for your dreams. You do things that they will never do and that causes the insecurity with other people who try to make you think realistically. To prevent them from lagging behind with this insecure feeling, they may or may not consciously or unconsciously try to tackle you and your dreams, with negativity or doubt, for example. Or maybe you lose friends or partners.. Now I do not say that you have to be naive, but try to be aware of what is happening around you, how people are effecting your state of being. Are the people you currently view as friends or person who you are in a relationship with pulling you up or are they pulling you down? Choose the people around you wisely.

You don’t need that confirmation or approval from others. You can do it yourself, trust me, you know already what it is you really want in this life. You only have to listen.

YOU choose, YOU decide, every day, every hour, every minute, YOU are the boss about your focus. You determine the course of your life and you determine where you create paths that are not yet. If you want a different life than the previous 1,2,5 or 10 years, you will have to do things differently. If you do what you always did, you will get what you always received. Do you want to close this life with the feeling that you did not do what you really wanted? Just because there was a nagging feeling in your head, a voice that talked you down and told you that you’d better not do it, better just wait for ‘one more day’. After time you see that day became a week, a month and then a year. Do you want to be responsible for the fact that you have not been able to live up to your dreams because you didn’t have the guts to pursue them? No matter how big those dreams look like at forehand? Or do you want to be able to proudly look back on a life where you have been able to give yourself as much as possible and have enjoyed all the times you wanted to give up, but still decided to continue to fight, to just try one more time? I bet you do!


We humans are made to win, we are LITERALLY made to succeed, to triumph in what we put our mind up to, unconsciously or consciously, good things or bad things; WE ARE WIRED TO WIN. Everything that you believe and feel intensely in your body, repeatedly see ‘before your minds eye’ and what is followed up by the right actions that go with the things that you most desire from your heart, hard work and patience, then it is only a matter of time before it will be your truth, your reality. It is the most important thing to create the right focus on the right things.

Imagine what could happen if you change your focus. Where you instead of focusing on everything you do not have, switch to everything you already have and what you are able to do, right now, in this moment. In this way you create a mindset in which you do not need anything extra to feel better because you already feel rich within yourself and your life right now.

Make a list of this, write it down. What are you grateful for? How does it make you feel? What gives you energy? What excites you every day and how can you do more of those things during your day? If you do more of those things during your day, getting more in tune with yourself and all the beautiful things in the world you will shift your vibration. If you shift your vibration, miracles can start to happen.

So for now.. put this list somewhere where you see it daily, in your wallet, background on your phone and make sure that you are often reminded of the fact that you already have enough but still have dreams too. Eventually this small adjustment will create the right focus and train your brain to see the good in the world and to focus on what suits you instead of gassing life on the autopilot without even knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing.

A small adjustment in the way of your focus can create enormous, previously unrealistic things. You have only one life, one chance and all the power in you to make the impossible possible. Get ready to dream big, do big and live big in any way and do not be afraid to be who you are and to carry that person to the world. IT IS ALL POSSIBLE. You can have it all. It’s all in your hands.. And it starts now.

So.. Are you playing with me?




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