What are the stories you tell yourself on a daily basis? That you’re too fat? That you are not good enough? That your life has always been like that or that you have always been like that? So.. no change is possible? There is no choice? That you find this ugly about yourself or that, or that you must first have completed a course, have a house, find a friend and have lost 5 kg before you are satisfied with yourself or happy with yourself? What are your stories? What do you tell yourself on a daily basis? Are they stories that help you up and make you stronger? Or stories that take you down?

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.”

If you believe you do not deserve it; a girl- or boyfriend, a job, your own company, lasting love, enough money, you will never get it. Then you will never attract it. If you want to see a change then it is important to believe in yourself and tell stories to yourself and the world around you that make you feel strong. Stories that help you up instead of taking you down. You have to be aware of the selftalk you’re talking with yourself every day. We have a hard time with criticizing someone else in their face, but we do it ourselves about all small things every day if we are not aware. Be aware, be conscious about your stories and the people who are influencing these stories.

It is important that you do not just let people around you throw shit in your mind like dirt in a garbage truck. If someone arrives with a bag of trash, would you take it without saying anything? We must protect our mind in the same way against a bag of dirt figuratively speaking as we would do in real life.

So tell yourself stories that make you shine, that you feel strongly about. Choose the right people around you to help you believe in these stories. Feel powerful feelings arise in you when you tell yourself these stories and support them through your actions. You will start to feel and see it in your whole world because you do not need ‘this’ or ‘that’ to find yourself worthwhile. You already have everything within you.

“You have within you, right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.”




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  1. In een woord geef jezelf de liefde en je actie die je voor jezelf onderneemt zal lukken.
    Spijtig genoeg laten mensen zich maar al te vaak leiden door woorden van anderen en zo niet zichzelf durven zijn.

    Mooi tekst.

    Aum Shanthi


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