If you know how to look, if you know which glasses you could put on to live your life fully, imagine how obvious it would be to be happy, without difficulty, just by yourself. If you shift your focus to everything you already have, dare to talk about your dreams, the things that move you inside and inspire you. Dare to be who you are without fear, without needing confirmation from the world around you. How would you live your life then? If you break all your boundaries and walls, to be open to all that you can be and can achieve. How would you experience this rollercoaster called life? Would you still be afraid to take steps for things that are ‘new’ or ‘different’ and that you would not let yourself be fooled by your fear of failure? For not being good enough?

What if you are going to live with a mindset in which nothing is impossible? Where all your dreams come to life and you see your fear as a stepping stone to jump to a new world without any grip, no certainty that you are going to make it. Where you believe so strongly in yourself and your own ability that you no matter what keep giving yourself until you are there where you want to be, no matter how often you have to fail for it. Imagine.. Imagine what can happen when you give yourself 100% and dare to jump, grasp the fear, embrace it and let your courage speak. Imagine that all your dreams that once seemed so far away suddenly become can become your reality.

Tell me.. Would you take the jump then?

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