I used to think meditation and mindfulness was something for only ‘weavy’ people. I missed the whole point.

After trying it out myself and training myself to be mindful, I see enormous changes between the person I once was and now am becoming.🤸🏾

Mindfulness means that you train yourself to live in the now by observing your thoughts and not wandering off to whatever your mind throws at you.

This is one of the biggest problems of our time! We are going too fast, we do not take time to mentally agree with ourselves. We go on and on and on.. and where are we going to?

If you take your time to be with yourself, you can train yourself to see your thoughts pass by in your head without having to lose yourself in the past or the future.

Consequences of too much in your head: stress, negative feelings, missed opportunities etc..

By being in the now, you create peace in your mind & body and you can think clear about the things you would want in your life. Something that does not work if you live in the past or in the future.

If you train yourself in this, you will feel relaxed and more in the moment in time. In that moment you can appeal to your creativity, in that moment you can truly create and you can take steps necessary to create the life of your dreams.🔥💭

This is really key. Everything is now, more you will never have. So find ways to get yourself into the present, whether through meditation, walking, randomly observing whenever and wherever you want. Whatever makes you do it. Train yourself to feel your body and all your feelings that come with it.

Just like a phone, you also need your moments, your ‘moments of charging’. Distractions such as netflix or scrolling phone left away. You also need to fuel yourself. Live your life in that way.❤️

We only have this moment to create our future, so live that moment 100%.

Practice makes perfect. You can do this.




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