I remember how I used to look at people who were chasing their dreams with that fire in their eyes. I looked up at them. My mindset was from a loser. I did not look at myself in the mirror as a winner.

My self-confidence was low, I often estimated my chances too low. I just did what everyone else did and those questions kept coming up: ‘there has to be more than this.. right?’ I felt myself concise in my abilities, only going to a certain limit of what I THOUGHT I could handle.

I didn’t think in terms of opportunities, I thought in trouble. I saw only obstacles on the road and put my dreams far away, so that I did not have to face the fact that I did not pursue my dreams. Every now and then that feeling always came to the surface. I didn’t take any action. I lived my life on autopilot.

The best change ever? Starting with believing in myself slowly but surely. How? By trying new things, challenging myself and proving to myself that I can do the things I put my mind on to, that I have it in me. I gained this self-confidence by taking these steps. I still break every day with old limiting beliefs about how what I think I can do and how this world operates.

Why is this effective when you strugglete with what you want in life? Because the new things you undertake become new experiences and during these experiences you and who you are will be tested. This new information that you thereby acquire about yourself will become new stories that you tell yourself about how you act in this world, who you are and what you are capable of.

If you test yourself for a long enough time, learn more about yourself, start to feel confident about yourself, you will tell yourself new stories. These new stories become your new beliefs, your new truths, with which you will undertake new actions and create a new reality for yourself.

If you stay in your comfort zone, no change is possible.

Damn.. imagine how much you could get to know about yourself in one year because of trying out new things and how many more opportunities and realities you could create for yourself.

Do you feel your dreams come closer? #BELIMITLESS

You got it in you. I believe in you.




  1. Je comfortzone steeds verleggen jezelf tegenkomen soms hard dat zijn de lessen om jezelf optimaal te leren kennen.
    Dan sta je ook anders in het leven maar bekijk je het leven ook anders.
    Leerzame tekst voor heel wat mensen.

    Aum Shanthi


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