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It’s not easy, it will never be easy. If it was easy, everybody would do it.

You will fail a hundred times on the path to happiness. It means taking risks, it means exposure to the new. It means stepping out of your comfortzone and open to all your insecurities. It is going on adventures WITHOUT a plan, without structure, without knowing if, how and when you will get there.

You need to trust on yourself, your path and your process. You need to have faith in that you will end up there where you belong and build the trust that you will get there, even if trust is all you’ve got.

It’s fighting against your demons from the past. It’s getting rid of traumas that block you and emotions that are buried inside of you.

It’s a lifelong journey that will never end, unless you decide to stop searching. To settle for everything that is familiair but still have that urge in your body that keeps coming back at you, that ‘maybe’ there will be something out there for you. Because the truth is, there is. There is something for you. It’s a journey outwards that goes inwards.

Everybody has an uniqueness. We only have been taught that we are all the same. That we need to act in the same ways, in a box, where our creativity is stolen.

We have to remember that WE ARE CREATORS. We are not victims of our lives and life does not happen TO us. It happens FOR us. We just have to take our control back of our lives and start living from our hearts and our feelings instead of living from our minds, our thinking. Thinking this is good for us, or thinking we need this or that. We don’t. We just have to follow our bliss, the things that makes differences in our lives.

Our dreams are possible and that we don’t know in the beginning HOW we get there, doesn’t mean we can’t live up to them. It’s learning how to sail in the right direction and that all starts with making the decision to do so. You are just one decision away that can explode a whole new direction. Take control back of your life and follow the feeling to whatever it guide you to.

I’m sure you will find happiness, not in your external world, but right there, in your heart, in yourself. Keep climbing❤

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