Do you remember, the first time you sat down in a car? Your driving instructor explained everything to you and than you had to go for your first drive.

How the hell am I going to do this? Was probably your first thought.

You did not understand how everything in the car worked, you did not know where to give gas and how to slow down the car. You simply did not know anything at all. It is logical that you did not just drive onto the motorway at that time, right?

What if our mind works exactly the same? What if this is comparable to driving a car of which we never learned the theory or tested it in practice?

It is not taught to us at school but that does not mean we can not learn it!

what if I say there are keys, keys to hack your mind and your life. There are tools that help you to control the car and with which you can finally find your unique destination.

Maybe you do not know that yet. You do not know WHY you are here. What you want in your life and/or maybe you experience stress, feel that there is more to get than just this, inconveniences, you suffer from negative thoughts, repeatedly you get yourself in the same situations and feel stuck in a vicious cycle. All kinds of situations can occur.

Yet you keep driving, in this car. Without knowing how or where you are going to. You feel stuck.

That is where I can help you! Because I dedicate(d) my life to finding those keys. I know what you need to hack your mind.

From your childhood to this moment now, you have experiences in your backpack that determine how you look at the world and what you believe and consider as truth. You have, like everyone else, special glasses (perception), customized, about this world.

Perhaps you are now experiencing yourself at a point where this truth may not work for you, you are not moving forward, you are experiencing a hold. On yourself, on your life. You want to move forward again. You need a little push.

I can be that push. I can help you to push your life back in the right direction. A life that allows you to drive forward again instead of being stuck in park after pressing the brakes.


By giving you the ‘instructions’, the keys and the tools to make your mind work for you instead of against you. I can help you with discovering the blueprint of who you are and  you can use that as a personal compass to navigate through your life.

That is my job but in the end you are the one who has to drive the car.

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